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PGDM Notes

Semenster 1

Sr No.DescriptionFacultyDateDownload
1FA Notes 4(B) UnitSuchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
2FA Notes 4 UnitSuchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
3FA Notes 3(C)Suchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
4FA Notes 3(B) UnitSuchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
5FA Notes 3(A) UnitSuchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
6FA Notes 1 & 2 UnitsSuchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
7Management Function and Organizational Behaviour unit-1Ms. Richa Mishra2017-9-21Click here
8Combine Notes for Unit 1 & 2K K Bhartiy2017-9-21Click here
9Lecture Plan of Business EnvironmentDr S C Ojha2017-9-21Click here
10Problems of Measures of Central Tendency:LOD-1Dr Prabhat K Dwivedi2017-9-21Click here
11Business Environment Dr. S C Ojha2017-9-21Click here

Semenster 2

Sr No.DescriptionFacultyDateDownload

Semenster 3

Sr No.DescriptionFacultyDateDownload
1salesDr C.K.Tewari2017-10-17Click here
2personal selling and sales unit 1DR C.K.Tewari2017-10-6Click here
3Inventory ManagementSuchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
4Principles Of Working CapitalSuchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
5Receivables ManagementSucjita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
6Financial Market & Institutions Unit 2Suchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
7Financial Market & Services Unit 1(I)Suchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
8Financial Market & Services Unit 1(H)Suchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
9Financial Market & Services Unit 1(G)Suchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
10Financial Market & Services Unit 1(F)Suchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
11Financial Market & Services Unit 1(C)Suchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
12Financial Market & Services Unit 1(E)Suchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
13Financial Market & Services Unit-1(D)Suchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
14Financial Market & Services Unit-1(B)Suchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
15Financial Market & Services Unit 1(A)Suchita Shukla2017-9-28Click here
16Global Strategic ManagementMrs.Reetu Singh2017-9-22Click here
17Workers Paricipation in Management : Concept, Models and UtilityDr. Tulika Saxena2017-9-22Click here
18Factories ActDr. Tulika Saxena2017-9-22Click here
19Industrial Dispute ActDr. Tulika Saxena2017-9-22Click here
20Value Chain Vs Supply ChainDr. Asheesh Trivedi2017-9-22Click here
21Information Driver of SCMDr. Asheesh Trivedi2017-9-22Click here
22Into SCMDr. Asheesh Trivedi2017-9-22Click here
23Project Management unit-1 & 2Ms. Richa Mishra2017-9-21Click here
24International BusinessDr S C Ojha2017-9-21Click here
25Lecture Plan of International BusinessDr. S C Ojha2017-9-21Click here
26Trade Theories of International BusinessDr. S C Ojha2017-9-21Click here
27Consumer ResearchDr Prabhat K Dwivedi2017-9-21Click here
28Intro to Consumer BehaviourDr Prabhat K Dwivedi2017-9-21Click here

Semenster 4

Sr No.DescriptionFacultyDateDownload